Why Join?

What Makes IDAC So Special?

The answer is simple. We pride ourselves on being more value-driven, delivering quality results and helping members grow worthwhile relationships rather than being the biggest organization. Because there is such high value, shared expertise and specialized networking within IDAC, we are focused on the quality of members rather than the quantity of members.

With IDAC, you benefit from:

  • Direct contact with key management of our industry’s leading vendors
  • Proven building supplier expertise
  • Learning directly from others in the industry
  • Targeted networking
  • Growing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Member savings programs and negotiated discounts
  • And much, much more!
This is where exceptional people within the building materials industry learn from one another. IDAC offers you the ability to network and speak directly with key management of our industry’s leading vendors. We also realize that growth is necessary for any business to be truly successful. That’s why IDAC continues to grow and develop as our industry continues to change.

“It has helped me grow personally. Not to be dramatic, but I don’t know if, without their help, we would be able to grow at the rate we have over the last few years. We would be a three-store operation rather than a nine-store operation.”

Heely-Brown Company

Our goal is for our members and IDAC as a whole to be seen as the premier association of building material distribution companies in our industry. We provide a great network to learn from others in the industry and find the best ways to handle issues as they arise.

While the distribution landscape is evolving, our focus remains on three things:

Education for the employees of our member companies

Best practice sharing among member companies through meetings

Helping to build and expand relationships between IDAC members and key suppliers


We continue to focus on the education of our member employees. Since we bring our member companies together for training purposes, they get access to training that might not be available to them as an independently owned distributor.

IDAC’s training courses thoroughly cover topics including human resources, sales, operations, information technology, and more.

Best Practice Sharing

Best practice sharing is one of the biggest benefits that IDAC members receive. From in-person meetings to conference calls with owners, we provide opportunities to learn from others in the industry and find the best ways to handle issues as they arise.


We offer a number of meaningful networking events throughout the year as part of our effort to help build and expand relationships between IDAC members and key suppliers, share best practices, learn industry trends, and more.

Twice a year, IDAC owners meet to discuss best practices and learn from key management within the industry. At these owner meetings, all of our member companies get access to key management from suppliers that we work with to enhance their relationships and to support growth for their businesses.

In addition to owner meetings, IDAC provides opportunities throughout each year for members to meet with different manufacturers that are important to them. We have these meetings at various locations, such as trade shows, where manufacturers can share new product information and strategic company objectives as well as allow IDAC members an opportunity to discuss what is important to them as distributors.