Western Materials Joins IDAC

Western Materials Joins the Independent Distributor Alliance Corporation.

Savannah, Georgia – September 11, 2023 – Independent Distributor Alliance Corporation (IDAC) is pleased to announce that Western Materials, a leading supplier of building materials based in Yakima, Washington, has joined the cooperative. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen the network of independent distributors and facilitate supplier relationships along with best practices, technology, and business insights.

With a history dating back to 1915, Western Materials has made its mark in the industry by providing high-quality building materials across 9 locations in Washington and Oregon. Its extensive range of products and services, combined with an excellent industry reputation, makes this company a valuable addition to IDAC.

“We are thrilled to welcome Western Materials into the IDAC cooperative. This partnership not only enhances our collective efforts but also enriches the expertise within our network. It aligns with our mission to empower independent distributors and assist them with the tools and resources they need to succeed,” said Curt Gomes, Executive Director of Independent Distributor Alliance Corporation.

A joint statement was issued by Andy and Matt Martinkus, “We are excited to be part of IDAC. It was very clear from the beginning that their values and ours align very nicely. We look forward to being contributing members.”

About Independent Distributor Alliance Corporation:

IDAC is a cooperative committed to advancing the interests of independent distributors. With its network of 32 distributors and over 1100 branches, IDAC offers a broad range of services while leveraging the collective capabilities of its members to provide cost-effective solutions.

About Western Materials:

Established in 1915, Western Materials has built a reputation for delivering high-quality building materials and personalized customer service. With 9 locations in Washington and Oregon, the company serves a diverse customer base, including various trades, subcontractors, and general contractors.

For more information, please visit www.idacdistributors.com and https://westernmaterials.com/